Imagine® is the strongest of all comparable Zirconia materials and 2X the strength of lithium disilicate.

Exceeds minimum flexural strength for a class 4 Type II material up to 35% (ISO 6872:2015)

Strong enough to use in the anterior and posterior region of the mouth & for bridges up to 3 units in length.

Can be prepped as thin as 0.8; enables dentist to preserve up to 30% of tooth structure compared to lithium disilicate


Imagine® mimics the translucency of natural teeth.

More translucent than traditional Zirconia and as translucent as pressed ceramics.

Vital and accurate shading through customized dying liquid application with unshaded Imagine.

Seamless color gradation and out of the box accuracy with new 7 color multilayered Imagine zirconia.

Mimics a level of intraoral value like that of natural teeth, not the stark, higher values seen with traditional zirconia.


Imagine® consistently delivers the results doctors demand.

Careful selection of the finest raw materials and state of the art processing result in fewer remakes.

With the New Imagine Zirconia System exceeding every esthetic expectation has never been easier, faster or more predictable.

Achieve high end esthetics combining Zirconia, Layering Ceramic, Shading Liquids, Stain & Glaze, & CDS Dental Studio’s best-in-class education & support.

What is

High Strength and Durability

Suitable for bridges Up to 3 Units in Length

100% Digitally Manufactured

Conventional Cementation

Imagine the Possibilities…