High Strength Glass Ceramics

Developed to make a difference.

Celtra® is the new generation of high strength glass ceramics, zirconia reinforced lithium silicate – ZLS.

The unique microstructure of ZLS allows outstanding physical properties, exquisite beauty, strength and speed. Celtra® delivers an optimized balance of translucency and natural opalescence resulting in a game-changing chameleon effect (in-vivo blending) that makes the restoration indistinguishable from the natural tooth. The reduced crystal size with invisibly dissolved zirconium oxide serves to increase flexural strength and margin quality providing confidence in survivability. Celtra is the new premium, high-performance material for most discerning dentists and patients.

Game-changing benefits for you and your patients

Fascinating esthetics unmatched

  • Amazing chameleon effect provides in-vivo blending
  • Natural-like opalescence reduces graying effect in the patient´s mouth
  • Excellent VITA shade matching
  • Perfect balance of translucency and natural opalescence (natural vitality)
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Strength to rely on

  • Increased flexural strength adds confidence in survivability Celtra® Press: > 500 MPa
  • High margin integrity – lower risk of fractures in case of making adjustments in the patient´s mouth
  • Extensive in-vitro (chewing simulation) testing during development
  • Ongoing, active clinical trials

Excellent performance

  •  Radiopacity shows sealed margins on x-ray giving patient confidence
  • Multiple workflow choices based on desired indication
  • Easy to adjust/polish chairside
  • Flexibility in cementation options


Depending on the type of crystallites, we get mean lengths of around 100 nm and 1,400 mm for lithium phosphate and lithium disilicate, respectively. This approximates the wavelength range of natural daylight and is responsible for the opalescence. Celtra thus behaves like natural tooth enamel in terms of light dispersion.




Baseline situation

Final restoration with Celtra: indistinguishable esthetics with adjacent teeth

Make a difference in your dental practice